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“Personal assistance you can always rely on.”
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Serving With Passion and Excellence

Offers a wide variety of services for individuals, from social visits and companion sitting to personal errands and grocery shopping.

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Always Going the Extra Mile

We are here to help you complete the tasks you need to do.

Our Services

  • Social and Well Visits
  • Companion Services
  • Grocery and Personal Shopping
  • Mail Pickup and Forwarding
  • Faxing and Computer Services
  • Notary and Chaplain Services
  • End of Life Doula Services
  • Errands
  • Prescription Pickup and Delivery
  • Transportation Services


Caring, Kind and Knowledgeable

Placeholder imageThank you for being so very wonderful with my parents. You have brought caring, fun, wisdom, superb advice and behind the scenes knowledge, music and MOST of all, kindness to both of them. You are SO appreciated and we are glad that you’re a part of our team!Placeholder image

Betsy V.

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Invaluable Care, Compassionate and Attentive

Placeholder image I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you. You are amazing! Thank you for all the good you do. I can only imagine the amount of joy you brought to Jane, her family and friends during her final months. We all would be blessed to have a person like you to lift us up during our final days and months! You truly walk the walk making a difference to those close to you, around you and the entire community!
God bless you,Placeholder image

Chaplain Dave H.

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Priceless Support with Tender Love

Placeholder image It is a special day or moment when you witness someone that is truly doing what they love and doing it with competency. Our family needed a “bolt on” family member to help transition my mom and our family to live without a mom. Peggy stepped in and immediately calmed my mother, helped my mother and step father live life and subsequently helped me and my family through the dying process. She seamlessly guides you through a complicated and emotional journey.

Our family is distant, (our parents in FL, me in CA, my brothers in NY) so having an expert care giver there to jump in at any moment was critical. I don’t know how I could have done anything without her. Peggy was at my mother’s side calming, soothing and caring. The confusing and complicated world of hospice, dying and decisions is foreign to me, but not for Peggy; she does it all and without missing a beat, including and supporting us in every way.

How do you charge a rate that is fair when death, dying and partially living is not time relatable? She is a priceless addition to the family. Peggy looks at the world from a caring perspective and that is priceless.Placeholder image

Anne B.

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“Personal assistance you can always rely on.”

Pegasus Concierge Services is a personal assistance company that offers a wide variety of services for individuals and companies. From social visits and companion sitting to personal and grocery shopping, we’re here to help you complete the tasks you need to do.

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